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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 8, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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the peaceful fight for change is continuing across america. >> we need to look at how we are spending the resources and invest more in our communities. >> we committed to dismantling policing as we know it in the city of minneapolis and to rebuild a new model of public safety. >> i'm not for abolishing the police department. i'm be honest about that. the former officer at the
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center of the latest controversy, derek chauvin, will have his first appearance by video link to a judge. >> not only will officer chauvin's conduct be on display, what the others did during the course of his conduct will be on display. did they hear george floyd when he said, i want my mom, i can't breathe. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is "new day." breaking overnight, the minneapolis city council vowing to dismantle the city's police department, two weeks after the killing of george floyd. the council determined that the current police operation there could not be reformed as is. now, this does not mean there would be no law enforcement or no policing, per se. lawmakers are promising to create a new system of public safety in a city where law enforcement has long been accused of racism. this follows a growing push to defund police departments across the country.
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today, democrats in congress are approaching this in a bit of a different way. their expected to release a sweeping reform package aimed at curbing excessive force. in just hours, the fired police officer who knelt on george floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes will make his first court appearance. derek chauvin is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. a public viewing takes place for george floyd today in houston where he grew up. joe biden scheduled to meet with his family there. and voters have strong feelings about how president trump has been handling the unrest after george floyd's death. we have a brand-new cnn national poll this morning that shows that joe biden has a 14-point lead over president trump at this moment. our poll also shows an overwhelming majority of americans support the peaceful protests. large marches were held across the country over the weekend, including new york, where because the demonstrations have been peaceful, a curfew was lifted one day early. and today, new york city finally
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begins to reopen from the coronavirus pandemic. hundreds of thousands of people will be returning to work as retail stores resume business. and while every state is reopening in some manner, 22 states are still seeing a rise in cases this morning. a lot to get to on this monday morning. let's begin with cnn's josh campbell live in minneapolis. a busy weekend there, josh. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. the prosecution of the four officers charged in the death of george floyd is very much just beginning, but city officials here are moving to immediately reform the minneapolis police department, including a drastic new measure to dismantle the agency. now, while minneapolis remains the epicenter of the latest controversy involving police violence, the movement to defund law enforcement is beginning to spread across the country. [ chancing: black lives matter ]
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>> reporter: as protesters gathered for the 13th day, one movement calling to defund or cut police department budgets is becoming the focus of some demonstrators. >> we are here today to begin the process of ending the minneapolis police department. >> reporter: in minneapolis, where george floyd died while in custody of authorities two weeks ago, nine members of the city council expressed their support to disband the police department. >> be committed to dismantling policing as we know it in the city of minneapolis and to rebuild with our community a new model of public safety that actually keeps our community safe. >> reporter: minneapolis city council president lisa bender says this process will not be quick. >> when i think about that ask is that instead of investing in more policing, that we invest in those alternatives, those community-based strategies. the idea of having to police department is certainly not in the short-term. >> reporter: this one day after
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minneapolis mayor jacob fry was met with this reaction from protesters when he told them -- >> i'm not for abolishing the entire police department. >> reporter: the idea of defunding police departments involves redistributing money from enforcement activities to programs that support the community. los angeles mayor eric garcetti pledging to make a small step toward defunding the police, saying he will slash up to $150 million from the lapd's proposed budget of $1.86 billion, about 8%. >> reporter: and in new york city, where large crowds convened once again, mayor bill de blasio says he's committed to use some nypd funding on youth and social services programs. >> i also will affirm, while doing that, we will only do it in a way that continues to ensure that this city will be safe. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo pushing back. >> no police? you get looting. that's what you get. nobody wants that.
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>> reporter: while the debate over policing continues. the officer charged with second-degree murder, derek chauvin, will have his first appearance behind me by video link. he will be speaking to a judge in one of these courtrooms. we know that two of those officers, their attorneys have blamed chauvin and his seniority, saying he is largely responsible for floyd's death. john and alisyn, we will have to wait and see what chauvin's strategy is. we will be in court and bring you the latest. alisyn? >> really busy day. thank you, josh, for setting all of that up. mourners will pay their respects today at a public viewing for george floyd in houston. joe biden plans to meet privately with the family before george floyd's funeral tomorrow. cnn's omar jiminez is live in houston with more. good morning, omar. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. as you mentioned, joe biden is expected to travel to houston today to meet with the george floyd family. that as opposed to attending the funeral service tomorrow, because reportedly they didn't want their security presence to disrupt those proceedings. though he is expected to record a video message for that
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service. now, what we are going to see today, this is the public's last chance to say good-bye to george floyd over what we have seen to be a series of good-byes. starting at noon to 6:00 p.m. local time today, people will be able to go into the fountain of praise church behind me where they will be able to pay their last respects. and as far as people we know and are expected to attend, rapper paul wall, slim thug, boxer floyd mayweather and more. and as far as what we're going to see inside, we see social distancing rules apply here. no one will be allowed in for more than -- or 15 people, i should say. no more than 15 people will be allowed in at a time. you won't be able to spend more than ten minutes inside after viewing that body and masks and gloves will be required. i mentioned, this is the public's last chance to pay their last respects. the first chance came back in minneapolis last week. over the weekend, there was a public memorial in his birth state of north carolina, and of course, now we have the memorial here in his hometown. tomorrow, we will see the
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funeral service that is expected to be a private ceremony there. and where we do expect him to be buried next two his mother. but as we have heard from protesters, family, and more. that is not where george floyd ends. specifically talking to his friend and former nba player, steven jackson. he says, george floyd is going to be the name of change. we're going to make sure of it. john? >> omar, steven jackson will join us later in the show today to talk about that and talk about this homecoming for george floyd and family. open mar omar jiminez, thank you very much. happening now, a big moment in new york city. this city enters phase i of reopening. some 400,000 workers expected physically back on the job today. sunday saw the lowest number of new coronavirus infections here since the beginning of the pandemic. cnn's alexandra field live in a new new york with the latest. alexandra? >> reporter: a new new york, indeed, john. this is truly a momentous day.
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these are just the first steps for new york city, which will begin to rope, now finally joining the rest of the state. but certainly, this was unimaginable, john, just a few weeks or even months ago. but the numbers have moved far enough in the right direction that, yes, hundreds of thousands of workers can get back to their jobs today. buses and subways will be back in full service. we'll see how how many riders they have. some retail stores will be open for curbside pickup, also for some in-store pickup. we'll see construction jobs, manufacturing jobs, wholesale jobs reopening to their workers, the day that so many people have been waiting for. of course, john, we can't say it enough. we are not out of the woods yet, even with these positive numbers, the downward trend here in new york, we're still seeing an increase in cases in 22 states around the country. now, the name of the game here in new york is so that the city continue to progress in terms of reopening would be to keep these case numbers down, to keep seeing this downward trajectory. in order to do that, a big premium on testing right her in
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new york city. we're going to be seeing officials doing 35,000 tests a day right here. their also going to be heavily prioritizing tests for people who participated in those protests and those demonstrations. where we saw thousands of people who are perhaps not able to properly social distance. so certainly, some steps in the right direction this morning, john. >> alexandra field on the steps of new york. it will be a new new york city right here. later in the broadcast, we'll talk about these states showing a fairly large increase in the number of new cases. meanwhile, the calls to defund the police are growing louder. what exactly does that mean, though? and what can you expect to see in your community? that's next. straining, and bloating, again and again. no way. more exercise. more water. and more fiber is the only way to manage it. is it? maybe you think... it's occasional constipation. maybe it's not. it could be a chronic medical condition called ibs-c,
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safe. >> that's the minneapolis city council president pledging to begin dismantling the police department in the wake of george floyd's death. what does that mean? joining us now is cedric alexander, the former president of the national organization of black law enforcement executives and cnn political commentator, bakari sellers. both to see both of you. sorry, he's the author of the new book, "my vanishing country." we'll get that in there right now. cedric, minneapolis isn't alone. there are all sorts of police departments and cities this morning talking about beginning to defund or redirect millions of dollars away from their police departments to other community services. but minneapolis is talking about dismantling the police department. what does that mean when you hear it? >> well, when you hear the word dismantle, you assume that they're going to take their department down and not have a police department at all. i don't think that's what they mean. i think what they're saying,
3:15 am
they're going to take a very deep dive in the minneapolis police department, which they certainly need to. and look at, what is it that they can do to build that department back along with input from the community. so it's going to be interesting to see how they do that. they may set the tone or pattern for the rest of the nation to look at. but in light of all the issues that mauinneapolis has had over the years, nothing has seemed to have worked. so i applaud them for taking the initiative that they're taking, but it has to be done something that is done very methodically and very strategically, because you still have to have good public safety in that community, as you will other communities across the country. >> yeah, they haven't told us exactly what it means for them in minneapolis yet, but it certainly doesn't mean that in one week or two weeks or three weeks there all of a sudden won't be law enforcement on the streets. can new jersey, i think it was
3:16 am
2012, they closed their city police department. it became a county police department. the unions went away for a little while, although they started coming back, but there are different ways of doing this type of thing. but bakari, what does the growing volume in the cries to defund the police overall in the country, what does this movement mean to you? what's the significance? and is there risk, political risk in the increasing volume? >> yeah. i think democrats, we need to hire a pr marketing firm. because our messaging usually gets muddled and lost. people are chanting "defund the police." it immediately turns off those voters who are independent and swing voters. and that's not truly what the words mean. i think that what our guest said is right. like, what we want to do is, we want to take a line-by-line in-depth review of law enforcement budgets. i mean, in many cities, the law enforcement budget is more than half. and we want to redirect those funds to things like summer work
3:17 am
programs, to keep young men out of trouble. we want to direct them to mental health programs. we want to direct them to our school budgets or broadband budgets, so individuals have access to wi-fi or to our library budgets. so it's not necessarily saying -- well, it's not saying at all that we're going to take law enforcement off the street. but what we're going to do is reprioritize our spending, so we can actually be preventative and not meet law enforcement on the back end. >> i guess, except when i hear dismantle police department, cedric. what i wonder is, okay, in the middle of the night, if i hear somebody breaking into my house, who do i call? >> well, here again, terms like this dismantle, terms like defund, as bakari just indicated, are really not good words to use, because they can be confusing and somewhat overwhelming. you cannot dismantle your police department to a place where you don't have public safety. you must have public safety. so they want to go in, they want to reorganize, they want to
3:18 am
reform, they want to create symptom new policies, get rid of some old policies. involve the community in the reformation of that police department, so that they're in sin sync together. any police department in this country should have influence with their public along those that are experts in that agency itself. and as bakari indicated, right now, if they need to bring on communication companies or promotional companies to help them with the language and the processing of this, then they need to do so. but public relations is not that great, when you're using terms -- >> yeah. and bakari, it's interesting, because where we are two weeks after the killing ofgeorge floyd, to me, one of the remarkable things is the overall consensus. and david chalian is going to be here in our next segment to talk about our brand-new cnn poll,
3:19 am
which shows that the vast majority of people do believe that there is racism that needs to be routed out in various systems in the united states. you see mitt romney yesterday marching with black lives matter protesters in washington, d.c. there is this -- there he is. you can see him hidden by our bann banner, but governor/r romney w out for an hour and a half. i think we're in a vastly different place politically than we were a few weeks ago. >> we are. and you know, i have to give kudos to mitt romney. just for having that courage. i think what we see now, and i don't know if many people, many viewers know this, but what we see is mitt romney channeling his father. and his father was part of the civil rights movement. and wow allies like that governor romney, we wouldn't
3:20 am
have had the success that we had during the civil rights movement. so we're at an interesting moment. we're at a seminole moment. but again, john, let me caution you, before saying that our country is going to change, understand that george's body is not yet in the ground. and let's see what happens after the body is in the ground. let's see what happens a week or two weeks out from today. and that is -- that is going to be the test of time, to see if these -- if minds continue to change and if hearts follow, and if even more importantly, actions follow thereof. >> bakari, i have a political question for you. so since polls out this morning, our new cnn poll suggests that voters do not like how president trump has handled all the protests and this unrest and just the outcry after george floyd's death, do you, as a democrat, worry that with this new talk this morning of defunding, dismantling, call it whatever you want, that it will
3:21 am
hand president trump a fantastic talking point starting now for the election, and a platform where he gets to see, i'm the law and order president, and democrats are not only going to take away your guns, they're going to take away the police department now. >> well, first of all, i thought the cnn poll had whether or not i should keep my beard or not. i thought that was first. i think i'll get rid of it this week. but i do believe, again, that we always have to tighten up our message. i have no faith in donald trump running away with this election, because we're talking about reforming our budget priorities or the way that law enforcement behaves or interacts in our communities. i don't think that he's going to, quote/unquote be able to take advantage of that. and the reason being is because donald trump never, ever stays on message. there's no one who believes that donald trump is a law and order president. at the end of the day, this election will come down to a few things. not democrats saying, defund the police, but it will come down to the fact that 104,000 americans
3:22 am
have died, i believe it's 140,000 have died from coronavirus and 40 million americans are out of work. i think that's what this election is going to come down to. but i'll also caution everyone. i give you the preface that i also said that hillary clinton is going to win 330 electoral votes. so at the end of the day, i just kind of shrug my shoulders. >> but part of it's in the framing of the question. and frederick, there is not a single scenario to alisyn's initial question where it will be an issue of, you have no one to call if someone's breaking into your house. it's just not what any of it means. they may have language problems or slogan problems, but there will be nowhere where there is no law enforcement, when these changes or even if these changes are made. >> that's correct. you have to have law enforcement. but the key is here, is that you have to have good, solid law enforcement in which people trust their local police agencies and its leadership and its elected officials.
3:23 am
that is the key. is that trust and that legitimacy. there needs to be reform, there needs to be policy changes. there needs to be an implementation as to how public safety is going to be delivered and who also is involved. and refocusing to the basics and taking those other things that they have been given to do over the years that kind of stretches them thin and creates other issues. >> all right. cedric alexander, bakari sellers, thank both very much. and stick around, because coming up on "new day," we are going to speak with the president of the minneapolis city council. that will be in our next hour and we can ask her what the difference is between dismantling and reform. meanwhile, cnn's new national poll finds donald trump's job approval declining. and joe biden's lead expanding. we'll take you through the brand-new numbers, next. ♪
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happening now, a brand-new cnn poll, hot off the press. i want shows a huge drop in the president's approval rating in just one month, down seven points. it also shows former vice president joe biden opening up his biggest lead yet, 14 points over president trump. obviously, this is in the middle of everything going on in the country. cnn political director david chalian joins us now with all of these new numbers. david? >> it's a big drop in the president's approval rating from last month, john, as you noted. i want you to look at the president's approval rating. it showed the overall 38% by party breakdown here. here's the overall, 38% approval, 57% disapprove. look by party here. he lost across all republicans, independents, and democrats. look at that independent number. he lost nine points among independents in the last month. and six points among democrats. that is driving a lot of his drop. take a look at the president's approval rating by race.
3:29 am
10% approval among african-americans. 30% approval among latinos and 45% approval among whites. and then this contextual graph for history, i think this is so important, just to assess where donald trump is now in his presidency. do you see there's a natural break there between ford and trump? donald trump at 38% at this point in his presidency is in the realm there with jimmy carter at this point in '80. george h.w. bush at this point in '92. they were one-term presidents and they lost re-election. that's the realm that donald trump is in. >> and even gerald ford lost in his re-election bid as well. on the issues of racial justice and some of the unrest we've seen in the last couple of weeks, we've had some interesting numbers on that, as well. >> yeah, we're seeing right now a country that is on the move, on these issues. take a look. 84% of americans in this poll
3:30 am
say that the peacefl protests are justified. 84%. that is a much bigger number than we saw just four years ago, when we asked this question, when we saw some protests against police brutality. take a look here about donald trump's response to the presidents. two third of the country, john, thinks his response has been harmful. only 26% think that his response has been helpful. >> it is interesting, david, i know you've heard it from me in text messages and our viewers have heard it from watching. it seems to me that the so-called silent majority, if there ever was one, it used to be white suburban voters who felt a certain way, there may be a silent majority now, but they think differently. it's a silent majority who wants to see progress in racial justice and is concerned, perhaps, about systemic racism. what are we seeing in terms of the head-to-head matchup between the president and vice president biden? >> as you noted at the top of the segment, it's a 14-point gap there. right now we have joe biden at 55%. donald trump at 41%.
3:31 am
i will note, that's the highest number in the head-to-head matchups that we've had in cnn polling for joe biden, but it is sort of mirroring what we're seeing across the board in a lot of polling. take a look at the trend line here. you see, this has been an advantage joe biden race, pretty much since its inception in the biden versus trump matchups across the board again. not just in cnn polling. take a look at what you were just saying, also, about sort of law and order and what have you. race relations is now a top of mind issue for voters. it is right up there, 42% call it extremely important with the economy and health care. that is new in light of what we've seen. and take a look at how that splits by the presidential vote, right? for who would better handle race relations? 63% say joe biden. 31% say donald trump. who can better handle coronavirus? 55%, biden. 41% trump. that mirrors the overall race
3:32 am
there. and the economy is the one place where donald trump is besting joe biden on an issue by a much narrower margin, five-point margin, 51% to 46%. that's why you saw the president on friday so eager to go into the rose garden and rye to capitalize on some better-than-expected economic news, because it is the issue right now that he wants to lean into. it's his almost only strong suit at the moment. >> obviously, he wants to talk about the economy. on the other issues, think about the way he's been leaning into things, with the law and order, with the military presence on the streets. it isn't what our poll is saying the american people want to hear. in some ways, it may very well directly backfire. it's interesting to see what he chooses to lean into and the response there. some of the reaction we've also seen, david, and i want to play some sound from yesterday, we have heard from many largely retired military leaders about how they think the president has handled the unrest in the country. this was former secretary of state, former general, colin powell, with jake yesterday.
3:33 am
>> i certainly cannot in any way support president trump this year. i'm very close to joe biden in a social manner and on a political manner. i've worked with him for 35, 40 years, and he is now the candidate and i will be voting for him. >> now, look, colin powell supported barack obama, he voted for, i'll be it, meekly supporting hillary clinton. this is an early statement of support for joe biden and we're seeing it amid all of these retired military leaders. you know, general mattis and others coming out in varying degrees, saying they do not like what they see from president trump. it is interesting. >> right, you see some that are just stepping away from trump. some like colin powell going over the line there and saying, i am going to vote for joe biden and support joe biden. but i will note, as you said, the american people, when the president sort of threatened to use military force in response to what you're seeing play out across cities, overwhelmingly in our poll, a majority of the
3:34 am
american people say, that's not an appropriate use of the military. and i think you see former military leadership right here in line with the american people on that. >> all right. david chalian, it's great to have you on. everyone should take a look, dig into these numbers. they are very interesting. it is always the trends that are the most interesting. great to have you on, david. >> thanks. all right. chaos at a protest in seattle. one person shot after a car nearly plows into a crowd. we have new video and some new reporting on this, next. te bowl of french onion dip. i'm going to start the bidding at $5. thank you, sir. looking for $6. $6 over there! do i hear 7? $7 in the front! $7 going once. going twice. sold to the onion lover in the front row! next up is lot number 17, a spinach and artichoke dip, beautifully set in a hollowed-out loaf of sourdough bread. don't get mad get e*trade and get more than just trading investing. banking. guidance.
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following breaking news out of seattle. one person was shot after police say a man drove on to a street where protesters have been gathered for the past ten days. the suspect fled the scene but was later arrested. police found a gun at the scene. the person who was shot is expected to survive. so far, it isn't exactly clear why the man attempted to drive into crowd there. two policeofficers in buffalo, new york, pleaded not guilty for assault that this scene that you saw last week. that's 75-year-old martin gugino. he was seriously injured after hitting his head on the
3:39 am
pavement. joining us now from buffalo is vicky ross. she's the executive dreshlgt of the western new york peace center. that's an organization where martin gugino also belongs and is very active. miss ross, thank you for being here. do you -- first, let's just start with, how is martin doing? do you know his condition? >> well, his family and his lawyer have been keeping things very private. what we do know is that he is in stable condition, stable but serious is what we heard. we don't know -- hopefully he's on the mend, but the fact that they haven't said that it's not serious anymore is still a big concern. >> and as i understand it pb you've worked with him and known him for years. you're part of this peace organization and you were at that same protest with him, but left right before that incident happened, where he got that head injury. and so just tell us about that. what was his goal that day?
3:40 am
>> well, first of all, i can tell you very certainly that martin, as a member of the western new york peace center is completely committed to nonviolence, to taking care of other -- of people and of making sure that we have our freedoms in place. so i can bet you that he was going over to speak to the officer, maybe he was trying to give the helmet back, we're a little unclear on wahat was goig on there. but he would have been saying, you know, with the first amendment rights, we should be able to be here. that maybe he had a problem with the curfew, et cetera. but he really is committed to nonviolence. and as a longtime member of the western new york peace center, as a person who is very devoted to the catholic worker movement,
3:41 am
has been part of witness against torture and actually very concerned about the kings bay plow shears -- >> let me just interrupt you. because i was wondering about that helmet. i thought that it was his, but you're saying that that -- that the helmet that he was carrying, do you know the story behind that? >> i don't know. but what i do know is that what people have asked is, tell us about martin. i will tell you that martin is totally nonviolent. he's committed to nonviolence. a very gentle person, very committed to nonviolence. against racism, the violence of bigotry, of police brutality and of our imperial -- our greatest -- being the greatest purveyor of violence in the world is our -- so that nuclear threats, the -- >> sure, understood. i mean he sounds like he has devoted much of his life, his years to these causes, as you're saying. and so when you saw that video
3:42 am
of him being pushed and falling down, what was your reaction? >> great grief. great grief that our violent history and our believing that state-sponsored violence or any kind of violence is a solution. there is no violent solution. so that is what martin would tell you. and the other thing is that we can create a culture of peace. and that's what we need to be doing. that is what the catholic worker movement is about. that is what the poor people's campaign, that's what the western new york peace center. so he is -- being more nonviolent and committed to a real democracy. >> i want to quickly get to the statement from the attorney for the police union. so here's what that statement says. in our view, it's a bit of a stretch to suggest that a shove equals the officer's attempt to injure this fellow.
3:43 am
there's a disconnect there. why would you approach a line of police officers you know are trying to clear the area. they gave the command to clear the square. why would you approach them if you weren't, you know, had a combative mind-set? so just quickly, you're saying that he approached to talk to them. >> well, if you -- i'm sorry, i didn't mean to cut you off. >> no, go ahead. >> if it's combative to want to discuss something? people crazily think that they can talk to a police officer! i want to say, many of our police officers know how to talk to people and many don't. some think that's not their job. well, it is their job. we at the western new york peace center had a series called speakouts on ethical officers. to be an officer of the peace, you need to be able to -- your skill to de-escalate is critical, absolutely critical. so he would have gone over to say, hey, i don't agree with this curfew. that's what we would have done.
3:44 am
i'm sure that's what he was doing. he somehow thought that he would speak with them and discuss it. and if they would have arrested him, sure. his friends -- i was just talking about, the kings bay plow shears, they are facing 20 years to going on to the nuclear submarine base for -- and in fact, liz mcalister will be sentenced today. so he would have been fine with being arrested. but he also wanted to have a conversation. >> okay. vicki ross, that helps us understand a little bit more of what we saw in that, you know, really alarming video. so thank you. and we certainly hope that martin is okay. and please give our regards to his family when you do talk to him. >> i will. can i just say one thing. the militarization of the police has to stop. >> we will be having that conversation all morning and i'm sure for weeks to come.
3:45 am
thank you very much. >> thank. >> really appreciate it. flooding rain and tornadoes off the gulf coast. we have a live report for you, next. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus,
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accuracy, learning, and concentration. try neuriva for 30 days and see the difference.
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we have some breaking weather news. what was tropical storm cristobal is now tropical depression after making landfall on the gulf coast. cristobal is the third named storm this hurricane season. there's been concern about flash flooding and life-threatening storm surges. and waterspouts, you can see, spotted off the coast of florida. the system has already triggered reports of tornadoes in the state, including one as far away as orlando in florida. cnn's natasha chen is live in new orleans with the very latest. natasha? >> reporter: hi, john. well, new orleans really got lucky here. there were concerns of life-threatening flooding issues, but they didn't get hit too badly here. we're going to show you some video we shot yesterday by the lakefront, an area that's prone to flooding near the polilea ma. they did see water levels rise there. but when we talked to residents, they weren't terribly concerned given the number of hurricanes they've experienced before.
3:50 am
grand isle is also prone to flood during hurricanes. but even for a tropical storm, they did get quite a bit of flooding yesterday. and we hear of other flooding happening in st. bernard parish, outside the city of new orleans. and like you said, this system beinglarge , scattered across to other states. there were issues in florida, a waterspout there and tornado activity. so this really is very wide-ranging. and people in new orleans have been told by officials not to let down their guard, that they're still going to be quite a bit of heavy rain today. and they want people to be careful about potential flash flooding. in fact, due to, you know, just absolute caution here, the city and county offices are trying to close some of those operations today, close the buildings, just to be safe. alisyn, back to you. >> natasha chen, thank you very much for all of that. cnn meteorologist jennifer gray is tracking the storm's path. what are you seeing, jennifer? >> reporter: alisyn, this sorm
3:51 am
is going to basically shoot straight north throughout the day today. it's going to dump rain all over the mississippi river valley. and we still have that threat of storm surge in the mouth of the mississippi, because this storm is still funneling all of that water northward. so right now, winds of 35 miles per hour, gusts of 45, moving to the northwest at about 10 miles per hour. you can see, as we go throughout the day, that rain, heavily rain, all across north louisiana, arkansas, into missouri. and we also have the threat for tornadoes, damaging wind, as well. as we often do with these tropical systems. there's that flood threat you can see, mainly for places like jackson, mississippi, little rock, memphis, and the rain will spread farther north from there as we go from the overnight into tomorrow. there's the track. you can see straight up into canada, by the time we get into the end of the week. here's the rain accumulation over the next three days, we could see 2 to 4 inches of rain
3:52 am
across the mississippi river valley. so more flooding expect as it moves north. alisyn? >> jennifer, thank you very much. now to this, cases of krooi coronavirus are cropping up on college football teams. how are universities handling this potential outbreak?
3:53 am
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tums ver(bell rings)la stick now when you buy or lease a new lincoln, when heartburn hits fight back fast... ...with tums chewy bites... beat heartburn fast tums chewy bites new this morning, we're getting new reports of a rising number of coronavirus cases among college athletes, as they return to campus for workouts. andy scholes with the very latest in the bleacher report. this will complicate things, andy. >> it certainly will, john. college athletes were allowed to start training again on campus june 1st, and preventing outbreaks, it's going to be one of the keys for college football's ability to return and play games this fall. right now, auburn athletics, their spokesperson confirms to
3:57 am
cnn that three football players tested positive for virus upon return to campus. the university says those players were asymptomatic. they've been placed in self-isolation in a dorm away from the rest of the team. sports illustrated and meanwhile reporting that at least five alabama players have tested positive for the virus, one of which participated in a group workout. arkansas state says seven athletes from three sports also tested positive there, but they're not showing symptoms. oklahoma state, marshall, and iowa state have also reported new cases within their athletics programs. president trump, meanwhile, is reigniting debate over whether nfl players should be allow to protest during the national anthem, aiming his criticism at commissioner roger goodell. the president tweeted late last night, "could it be even remotely possible that in roger goodell's rather interesting statement of peace and reconciliation, he was intimating that it would now be okay for the players to kneel or not to stand for the national
3:58 am
anthem, thereby disrespecting our country and our flag?" now on friday, goodell released this video saying that the league was wrong for the way they handled players supporting and they will support peaceful protests moving forward. and john, adrian peterson, the running back for the washington redskins told the "houston chronicle" that he without a doubt will be kneeling for the national anthem next season. and remember when president trump said that players should be fired back in 2017 if they weren't standing, we had teams across the league all kneeling in solidarity together. i would really expect something like that to happen when the nfl season begins. >> and again, andy, we've been talking about it in a political sense. it does seem like a lot of what the president is doing become firing. he kneelleaned into that issue kneel kneeling. we have this brand-new cnn
3:59 am
poll showing a huge drop in the president's approval rating and startling numbers in the 2020 election matchup. "new day" continues right now. >> the peaceful fight for change is continuing across america. >> we need to look at how we are spending the resources and invest more in our communities. >> be committed to dismantling policing as we know it in the city of minneapolis and to rebuild a new model of public safety. >> i'm not for abolishing the entire police department and i'll be honest about that. >> the former officer at the center of the latest controversy, derek chauvin, will have his first appearance by video tloilink to a judge. >> not only will officer chauvin's conduct be on display, what others did during the course of their conduct will be on display. did he hear george floyd when he said, i want my mom. i can't breathe. >> this is "new day" with allison come ratta and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." and breaking overnight, the
4:00 am
minneapolis city council is vowing to dismantle the city's police department, claiming kit not be reformed. lawmakers are promising to create a new system of public safety, but we don't know exactly what that looks like. and in other cities, there's a growing push to defund police departments. today, democrats in congress are expected to release a sweeping reform package designed to stop excessive force. and in just hours, the fired police officer who kneeled on george floyd's neck will make his first court appearance on murder and manslaughter charges. there will also be a public viewing for george floyd in houston, where he grew up. and cnn has learned that former vice president, joe biden, will meet with floyd's family today ahead of tomorrow's funeral. >> and new this morning, hot off the presses, a brand-new cnn poll shows the public reaction to the president and an element of public disgust over the president's behavior following


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